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iSoftStone: Pathfinder of Intelligent Manufacturing

A decade ago, domestic science fictions were no stranger to such scene: Scientists used computers to promote manufacturing, cutting-edge scientific research, and even predict the future of the universe. Even Cixin Liu, author of The Three Body Problem, cannot but follow the conventional practice. Today in China, such scene is no longer a mere science fiction. Rapid technological development makes “fantasy” a decade ago a reality in every factory.

[Interview] John Peng from iSoftStone: During the Process of Digital Transformation, iSoftStone Could Do More for Enterprises

Source: sh.chinanews “Today, digitalization is a must and also an inevitable process independent of the willingness of enterprises.” Recently, themed “Advance Intelligence”, HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 was held in Shanghai, and as an important partner and diamond sponsor of Huawei, iSoftStone attended the event. During the meeting, John Peng, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone said in an interview with reporters, “the digital economy is embracing rapid growth; digitalization is seen in all sectors; the digital transformation of enterprises is on the way.”

iSoftStone Facilitates Regional Development of Zhengzhou through Digital Services

Digital services are empowering local and regional development, and fostering new driving forces for modern economic systems. On September 25, the 2019 Digital Economy Summit and International Experience Sharing Conference on Henan's Intelligent Industrial Environmental Building, themed by “Digital Future Splendid Henan”, was held in Zhengzhou. TW Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, inaugurated the Henan Research and Development Center, which marked the significant progress of iSoftStone in fully implementing its central region strategy. Besides, iSoftStone signed to become one of the first batch of the enterprises settling in the software town.

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